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boreal collection / 2019 / Dórica /

Nature transmits us a sensation of well-being. It makes us feel free and connected to the world. The sound of the sea, the vast desert landscape, getting lost in a forest, sailing on a sailboat, are actions that make us feel alive, free.

Maybe walking among the trees or the sand favors creativity and makes us feel complete, ready to develop the best ideas. When Nature enters the scene, ideas flow, and the way to communicate those sensations through an object becomes clearer.

It makes us feel part of an everything.



Boreal Chair / Original Design, 2019

Boreal Stool / Original Design, 2019

Boreal High Stool / Original Design, 2019

Boreal Bench / Original Design, 2019

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The observation of natural forms generates a path that is found within our design.

Respect the wood, feel its texture, its nature. Treat the material responsibly, make a durable product that accompanies the user throughout his life.

The abstraction of natural lines, and the main idea of ​​creating an object that generates a feeling of peace and connection with nature, makes this a collection of objects that help us shape the way we feel and inhabit the world.


Dórica. Privada Corina 6 Col. Del Carmen Coyoacán. La del Carmen

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