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pentagrama collection / 2016 / Dórica /

Inspiration begins with the sensation that music generates when it sounds. Pentagram is the visual translation of musical elements accompanied by somatic sensations.

Dórica's projects are born from the design and manufacture created in Mexico, the products are worked with detail and naturalness, the brand is characterized by taking care of each fragment, respecting the property of the material and managing to highlight its beauty.


We know the materials and we work with them individually to create unique design pieces.

The Pentagrama collection arises from the concern of generating an avant-garde proposal that explores the relationship between processes and materials.

Pentagrama aims to generate design objects that transcend in a current context, considering the user as the main element and contributing to their lifestyle.



Solve Lamp/ Original Design, 2016.

Daybed Corchea/ Original Design, 2016.

Famuli Chairs/ Original Design, 2016.


Dórica. Privada Corina 6 Col. Del Carmen Coyoacán. La del Carmen

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