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Mexican industrial designer and currently Creative Director of Dórica, a leading Mexican furniture company. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned brands and companies, gaining recognition for his unique approach to collectible design.

Sebastian's professional journey began at an early age, allowing him to make remarkable advances in his field. In particular, he has the distinction of being the youngest designer to collaborate with Breuer (Trasiego 2020) and the esteemed Mexican brand Pirwi, with his latest collection Frequency, was awarded the Iconos del Diseño award by Architectural Digest. Media outlets such as Forbes and Archdaily have recognised him as a leading figure in the field of design.

Through his exceptional work, Sebastian has propelled the Dórica. brand to national and international recognition, showcasing his creations in prestigious exhibitions such as Designweek Mexico, AMD and Wanted Design in New York. In addition, as a member of the Mass Collective, a creative union dedicated to experimentation, his designs have been exhibited in prominent venues such as Zona Maco, Museo Tamayo and Ventura Futura in Milan.

Sebastian's design philosophy is a testament to his clarity of vision, and his products are distinguished by their deep conceptual underpinnings.


Museo Franz Mayer, Diseño / ES, Mexico City, 2015. / Anáhuac.

Expo Mueble Internacional, Dimueble, Guadalajara, 2016. / Studio.

Design Week México, Diseño Contenido, 2016. / Anáhuac.

Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, Antiguo Palacio de Autonomía, Mexico City 2016. / Dórica - AF.

Zona Maco Diseño, Mexico City, 2017 / Anáhuac.

Garage Dos Casas, San Miguel de Allende, 2017. / Studio.

Expo Mueble Internacional, Dimueble, Guadalajara, 2017. / Studio

Design Week México Inédito. Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, 2017. / Mass Colectivo.

Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, MUNAL, Mexico City, 2017. / Dórica.

Zona Maco Diseño, Mexico City, 2018 / Anáhuac + Mass Colectivo.

Wanted Design, Manhattan, New York, 2018. / Dórica.

Design Week México Inédito. Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, 2018. / Mass Colectivo.

Design Week México, Diseño Contenido, 2018. / Dórica.

Ventura Future, Milán Italy, 2018 / Mass Colectivo.

MUMEDI, Mexico City, 2019 / Studio - Ahec

Expo Habitat, CDMX, 2019. / Dórica.

Expo Habitat, CDMX, 2019. / Pirwi.

Design Week México, Inédito, Espacio CDMX, 2019. / Studio

Design Week México, Diseño Contenido, Parque Lincoln, Mexico City 2019. / Dórica.

The Elizabeth Collective, New York, 2019. / Carri + Mass Colectivo.

Design Week México, Design House, Mexico City 2020. / Dórica.

Design Week México, Espacio CDMX Inédito, 2020. / Breuer

Expo Habitat, CDMX, 2020. / Ahec.

Zona Maco, CDMX, 2021. / Studio

Design Week México, Limited Edition, CDMX, 2021. / Studio

Galerie Philia, Trasatlántico, 2022, CDMX / Studio

Design Week México, Design Dealer / Design House, Mexico City 2022. / Dórica.

Zona Maco, CDMX, 2022. / Camino Collection / Studio

Homage to Victoria & Albert, Mont Blanc, 2023 / Dórica.  

Wanted Design, Frequency, 2023, NYC / Studio

Museo Nacional de Antropología, Perpetuo, 2023, CDMX / Studio

Galería Territorio, Perpetuo, 2024, CDMX / Studio

Onda Mx / Siempre Sí, Perpetuo, 2024, CDMX / Studio

Salón ACME, La lucha por quedarse x Román de Castro, 2024, CDMX / Studio, Dórica.




Finalist Dimueble / 2015

1st place Dimueble / 2016

Finalist Inédito Design Week México / 2016

Premio a! Diseño / 2018 - Studio + AF

Finalist Inédito Design Week México / 2019

2ndAhec Design Awards / 2019

Finalist Iconos del Diseño, Architectual Digest México / 2019

Inédito Functionality Award, Design Week México / 2020

Premio a! Diseño, Mobiliario, Colección Eréditha / 2023

Premio a! Diseño, Objeto, Mobúla / 2023

Iconos del Diseño, Frequency, Architectual Digest México / 2023




Universidad Anáhuac, 2017 / Dórica

Universidad Anáhuac, 2018 / Mass Colectivo

Wanted Design NYC, Dezeen, 2023 / Studio, Dórica.

Visión y Tradición, Querétaro, México, 2023 / Studio


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