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Stackable. Sustainable. Comfortable.

The AP01 chair, meticulously designed for Dórica, is an exploration of curved forms crafted from wood. This piece of furniture aims to embrace the user in the natural warmth of the material, all while maintaining functionality as its primary objective.

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Available in natural wood, this chair represents an adaptable proposition to the needs of modern users, especially those seeking aesthetic and functional solutions for compact spaces with a playful touch. The AP01 chair presents itself as a testament to versatility and exceptional quality. Our fundamental focus is durability, aspiring to be a loyal companion to its users for many years.

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Both elements, the AP01 chair and the AP02 table, merge a meticulous vision and consideration of contemporary needs, promising a timeless presence in homes and workspaces. With our dedication to excellence and the creation of pieces that enrich the lives of those who own them, we strive to continue tracing a path of distinctive and enduring design.

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The lines and contours of this chair have emerged from years of dedication and experimentation in the field of ergonomics by the designer. A continuous process of refinement and study has culminated in a synthesis design, in which slim and curved surfaces, crafted from wood, take center stage.

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Complementing the chair, the AP02 table joins the AP collection. Following the design foundations the studio has perfected over years, this table embodies the versatility and aesthetics that characterize our signature. Designed with the concept of finding its place in any space for an extended period, the AP02 table carries the essence of Dórica's design, bringing a touch of elegance and functionality to your environment.

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