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desierto collection / 2022 / Pirwi /
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The collection is the expression of shapes and sensations inspired by the desert. In our country almost half of the territory is part of this ecosystem. The collection honors the indigenous people of the northwest of the country, keeping in mind the different techniques and crafts that are born in these regions.

The intention of the design arises from the concern of creating an avant-garde proposal that explores the relationship between processes and materials.

Desierto aims to generate design objects that transcend with a current context considering the user as the main element and contribute to the user's lifestyle.

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It is time to look at our past, our elements and processes to generate our own expressions that have been lost over time, to create our own language to revolutionize Mexican craftsmanship, understanding that the success of Mexican design lies in the roots of the country.


This chair responds to the concern of generating a new reference of contemporary Mexican society. I believe that beauty is not the result of a complex form, but of the correct configuration of subtle shapes which together generate a protagonist object capable of being grasped by the public. Sonora is born to be adopted and for people to make it their own, without being a pretentious object, acquiring qualities that go beyond luxury, iconicity.

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Tzalam wood and wicker form the object, having manual processes with craftsmanship, the chair has in its backrest the inspiration of the desert dunes, making a tribute to this ecosystem that is part of the country.


Desierto Chair/ Original Design, 2017

Desierto Chair Low/ Original Design, 2017

Desierto Chair Wide back, Original Design, 2017

Desierto Stool/ Original Design, 2017

Desierto Bench/ Colaboration with Sergio Morales, Original Design, 2017

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