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trasiego collection / 2020 / Breuer Studio /

Directly relating transience to a tangible visual referent, the collection remotes my memories of water on a solid surface, demonstrating the versatility of its unstable morphology, exemplifying the constant alteration and uncertainty of our lives.

The forms of the objects represent the uninterrupted movement in which we are involved. Water, an element that has always given me peace, is the perfect example of how there is no stable moment, no physical change, which in man goes beyond materiality. The unstable encounter of thoughts and emotions remind us that our time is defined by fleeting moments. The drop is not the same as it was, and it is not the same as it will be.

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The movement is still present due to the configuration in which the objects interact, from the aesthetic forms that are inspired by the drops of water. The pieces play with each other, giving us control of their interaction and movement, coexisting in a periodic exchange.

Movement is present in each object, the curves evoke the persistent transfer of matter. In them, the transience in which we are subjected is represented, however, having as a counterpart the solid base of our being, the one that makes us cling to our human essence.

Through the morphology and materiality of the objects, the main objective is to cause melancholy in order to generate a spiritual longing, which connects the user with intrinsic emotions that make us reflect on our inner encounter of change.

We are changing beings

in a changing world.

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Trasiego Coat Rack / Original Design 2022

Trasiego Side Table/ Original Design 2022

Trasiego Chair / Original Design 2022

Trasiego Bench / Original Design 2022

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