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camino collection / 2022 / Edición Limitada /
Camino by Sebastian Angeles 87876.jpg

The transcendent character of decision making and its consequences, which are inflection points in everyday life, are concepts that are through the new collection by Sebastián Ángeles, on show at Zona Maco, the leading Contemporary Art fair in Latin America.

 In the ethereal realm of choices, where consequences dance like delicate whispers, we find ourselves mesmerized by the symphony of a butterfly's wings. With grace, it sets in motion a distant tempest, weaving a tapestry of destiny. Such is the enchanting theme that threads through this collection, a poetic embodiment of the holistic paradigm.

Camino by Sebastian Angeles 87986.jpg
Camino by Sebastian Angeles 7_edited.jpg

Within the two pieces that compose the Camino collection, the allegory of decision-making and pivotal moments unfolds. They transform into structures that yearn to unveil the profound impact of even the most trivial choices upon life's grand tapestry.


Ángeles, in this wondrous series, crafts two brass candle holders that explore the heights of luminance. With artistic precision, they intertwine, guided by harmonic lines that gracefully shift direction at the precipice of significance.

Symbolism, the key to Ángeles' artistic essence, breathes life into these objects. Here, the paths that unfurl before us each day, brimming with potential, manifest as sturdy pillars and radiant beacons at their journey's end. The first piece emanates from a base shaped as a cross, as if a divine guide. Rising and falling, the cups symbolize the ebb and flow of desires, culminating in a zenith where wishes find fulfillment.

Camino by Sebastian Angeles 887.jpg


Camino Chandelier/ Original Design, 2022.

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