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perpetuo / 2023 /

Beyond its shape, the circle that defines it contains an even deeper symbolism. It represents craft as a closed economic cycle, highlighting its focus on sustainability and the reuse of resources. Craftsmen, in their daily work, choose to work with local and recycled materials, thus reducing the demand for new resources and minimizingthe generation of waste.

During his residency in the Vision and Tradition project of Design Week Mexico, in the town of Tequisquiapan, Querétaro, the designer Sebastián Ángeles created this new project that involves contemporary design with millenary artisanal traditions to generate a work of art and functional objects by the hand of Maestro Martín Cruz of Taller Clarita.


"Perpetuo" is a work whose form evokes pre-Hispanic gestures, such as the hoop of the ancient Ball Game or a synthesis of elements present in artisanal techniques. However, its true intention goes beyond these historical references. In its essence, this work seeks to capture a curve without beginning or end, a toroidal shape that embodies the idea of the perpetuity of craftsmanship. It is a symbolic representation of how this art knows no limits or endings.

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The sculpture gives rise to sibling and functional objects, such as a chair, a container and a coffee table.

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These pieces have been exhibited at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City in October and November 2023.

These pieces invite us to reflect on small-scale production and the remarkable durability of handmade products. It reminds us of the importance of promoting reuse and extending the useful life of objects, as opposed to the disposable culture that often prevails in our society today. "Perpetual" seeks to be a palpable reminder of the responsibility we all have to preserve and honour craft traditions, as well as to adopt more conscious and sustainable practices in our daily lives.

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