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eréditha collection / 2018 / Dórica /
Ereditha by Sebastián Ángeles for Dórica 24.JPG

Products have life.

Our mission is to craft objects that hold intrinsic value, objects that transcend mere material worth and embody a rich narrative. We believe in the power of objects that carry a history, ones that evoke a sense of time's passage and leave an indelible mark on our lives.

Beyond their external appearance, our designs possess a hidden depth. When we gaze upon a meticulously crafted piece, we often overlook the labor and inspiration that went into its creation. These pieces exist, they function, but they possess an intangible essence—an unspoken story that can be felt.


Ereditha by Sebastián Ángeles for Dórica 18.JPG

There is a profound essence that resides within these objects, imperceptible to the eye yet palpable to the soul. We endeavor to produce items that endure, possessions that acquire value through their lasting presence. When an object weaves its own narrative over time, its significance transcends monetary worth. To us, the most exceptional products are the ones that not only bear our stories but also forge connections with our families. They become a cherished part of our lives, reminding us of the passage of time, and encouraging us to care for and even repair them as the years unfold. These objects hold memories that anchor us to the past, encapsulating more than just physical components.

Ereditha by Sebastián Ángeles for Dórica 16.JPG
Ereditha by Sebastián Ángeles for Dórica 12.JPG
Ereditha by Sebastián Ángeles for Dórica 10.JPG
Ereditha by Sebastián Ángeles for Dórica 17.JPG
Ereditha by Sebastián Ángeles for Dórica 28.JPG

The Eréditha collection, with its profound purpose, aspires to be more than an individual's possession. It seeks to create a tapestry of familial history, breathing life into the product itself. Through the years, these pieces pass from hand to hand, becoming an integral part of family traditions and stories that continue to evolve. The Eréditha collection invites individuals not only to own an object but to become custodians of a shared legacy, perpetuating a profound connection that transcends time.


Eréditha Armchair/ Original Design, 2022

Eréditha Sofa/ Original Design, 2022

Eréditha Loveaseat/ Original Design, 2022

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