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camino collection / 2022 / Edición Limitada /

The transcendent character of decision making and its consequences, which are inflection points in everyday life, are concepts that are through the new collection by Sebastián Ángeles, on show at Zona Maco, the leading Contemporary Art fair in Latin America 

Choices and their consequences, like the delicate beating of the butterfly’s wings that can set off a hurricane far away, are the guiding thread of the new work by young Mexican designer Sebastián Ángeles, taking up a fundamental theory of the holistic paradigm in his new collection of lighting elements. 

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In the two pieces that comprise his new collection Camino, the allegory of decision making and breaking points are transformed into structures that seek to evoke how even the most insignificant or banal choices have an impact that appears later in life’s unfolding. 

This new series by Ángeles is formed of two lamps that experiment with the heights of the luminaires, interconnecting them by their supports with artistic and harmonic lines, which change direction at certain moments when they reach the crux. 

Symbolism is key to Ángeles’ creations, and in these lamps the paths that open up before us each day and their specific goals appear respectively as the pillars and the sources of illumination at their ends. The first piece begins from a cross- shaped base, where the volume rises by alternating the heights of the different bulbs, which represent, at the zenith, a fulfilled wish. 



Camino Chandelier/ Original Design, 2022.

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Dórica. Privada Corina 6 Col. Del Carmen Coyoacán. La del Carmen

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