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sensato collection / 2018 / Dórica /

The love of the processes, the properties of the materials, the details and concepts make Dórica a brand not only of products, but also of experiences.

Each piece of the sensato collection is designed under the following manifesto, with the main idea that aesthetics is not a science but a sensation.

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We believe that the union of basic elements creates something completely new.

We believe in respecting the natural material and the responsible treatment of it.

We believe we have a responsibility to create objects that shape the way we feel and inhabit the world.

We believe that good design brings life.

We also believe that objects have the ability to make a place more beautiful.

We believe that sensations can be created through a great product.

We believe that tradition can be merged with contemporaneity.

We think we are sensible in our way.

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Balance Chair/ Original Design, 2018

Balance High Chair/ Original Design, 2018

Enteranza Lamp/ Original Design, 2018

Sensato Armchair/ Original Design, 2018

Censu Vessels/ Original Design, 2018

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Dórica. Privada Corina 6 Col. Del Carmen Coyoacán. La del Carmen

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